MARSES is founded in Egypt, 2015 with the vision to lead the robotic technology in Egypt and the Middle East, through its great adding value mindset and customer’s satisfaction, MARSES works to provide a real value and enrich the robotic technology in our daily life.

During the past years, MARSES worked hard to establish a very powerful team to deal with such sophisticated technology. In this period of time a wide range of products and solutions were developed to fit variable areas of use for MARSES clients.

MARSES is working to involve the innovative AI & robotics technology into the region to increase the productivity, reduce cost, and save time.

MARSES has been designing and manufacturing solutions & products, for various industries such as Hospitality, Healthcare, Event Industry, Industry, and Automation to cover our clients’ needs. MARSES’ products varied from Self-driving, Auto mapping, Automation, and Integration Systems.                   

MARSES Robotic company in Egypt

Why we are Different

We are always ahead of the market; we are the first to have the latest in robotics. All with lower rates than our competitors.

We have pre-created content that covers most needs: point of sale, information, entertainment, etc. Content that is enriched every day at no cost to the client.

We have immediate availability for our robots, we eliminate the problems of delays by creating only the customized content.

We do not defend any brand exclusively, we look for the best and most advanced robotic models globally and thus encompass the entire market. Therefore, we advise on the use of the best robotics for the needs raised.

Our Team is our Soul which drive us, keeping updated on the top trends on the robotics field, beside our list of skills starting from the Planning till the customization and delivery, that’s what makes our team Unique, we are not a sales distributor’s  or an Integrator engineers, we are a Robotic Experts.