Event Industry

Using new technologies and robotics at Event Industry field is a powerful marketing tool to attract your visitors, MARSES develops a wide range of robots, which can entertain, communicate, and interact with your attendees. MARSES’ robotic solutions add a different competitive edge over the other events, which make you unique and completely different.

Event Industry Solutions


YuMi, the well-known collaborative dual arm robot from ABB has many uses at the industry field, but we at MARSES developed special applications to fit the Event industry field, with MARSES you can use YuMi as a promoter and entertainer robot, which attract the visitors to your event / booth.

YuMi Robot Event Industry Applications
Rolly Robot for Event Industry


What about using a unique mobile marketing tool, which hold and distribute your marketing materials to your visitors in a way to engage them to your event / product, Rolly Robot is not only a distributor it also collect data from your attendees, through its interactive touch screen to conduct your surveys. 


 Linkwhere will enable your visitors to attend exhibitions or conferences and conduct a live interview with the exhibitors, you can also invite your VIP speakers to your event form their places with no effort, just log into their computers & start the journey.    


Linkwhere Robot - Event Industry Solution
Duet Robot


Duet is a friendly, expressive, interactive robot, which can welcome the attendees at event venue or at exhibitors’ booths, gather some data, make a conversation with the visitors, and provide information in attractive way. Duet also is serving drinks & foods to the visitors during the event.      

Selfie Robot

Selfie robot is another solution from MARSES which attracts your visitors and attendees, it moves around the event floor to catch your visitors’ attention and take pictures, giving them an unforgettable experience and great memories of your event.   

Selfie Robot

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Imagine what new technologies & robotics can do to promote your Events. Enhance your guests experience with attend unforgettable Event.

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The Friendly robots that MARSES provide, attract visitors & creating traffic in physical locations.


Increase numbers of attendees, which interact with the friendly robots.


MARSES solutions provide innovative marketing tool to enrich events and provide a unique experience to the attendees.


MARSES interactive robots promote and show your the brand image in an innovative way.


The robots friendly collect data from visitors, which give you insights about the visitors’ behavior and satisfaction.