MARSES healthcare solutions contain various of autonomous robots which ease the day-to-day work in hospitals and various medical environments, a nonhuman-to-human delivery tasks, take care of patients, tracking Temperature, assisting surgeries, disinfecting rooms, and dispensing medication, and checking patients by doctors remotely.

Healthcare Solutions


A fully autonomous disinfection robot, killing bacteria, viruses, & germs by destroying there DNA structure, using the short waves of ultraviolet light. MDR-C is designed to self-navigate and maneuverer around tight places, avoiding obstacles and people, making it suitable for many indoor facilities.

Telemedicine Robot

MARSES telemedicine solution is designed to reduce physical interaction between doctors and their patients. Doctors can use the telepresence robot to meet their patients remotely from their offices, homes or even from other countries.


Rolly is autonomously navigating its route, avoiding obstacles while carrying the different medical stuff safely such as different medications, blood specimens, medical equipment, lab samples, radiology images, medical reports and meals to patients’ rooms.

Rolly Robot
Duet Robot

Duet the Nursing Robot

Due to higher demand for medical staff and increasing numbers of patients, it is proving more difficult for nurses and doctors to carry out activities such as follow up and general checkups. This is exactly where the role of MARSES Duet robot comes in. It acts as a nurse that can take care of patients by providing them with their medicine and carrying out daily general checkups. 

where you can use

All MARSES’ Medical Robots are Self-Drive, Remotely Control, Auto Navigate, and Autonomous Control to Building Management System; to reduce the interactions with people to control infections.


Reduce Infection

Robots move through quarantine areas without concern and be cleaned and ready for use without risk to personal safety.

Save Time

Improved cleaning and delivering daily routine which save time.

No Human Intervention

Efficiently Disinfection & Sanitizing without Human Intervention.

Autonomous Control

MARSES Healthcare Robots are self-driven, Remotely Control, Auto Navigate, and Autonomous Control to Building Management System.

Minimize Demand on Medical Staff

Robots work non-stop, ensuring that tasks get completed with the highest throughput and efficiency.