Leading your guest from the moment he enters till the point he leaves with a new suite of technology that’s what MARSES’ Hospitality solutions care about, by giving your guest a never-forgetting experience with 24/7 service, better response times, easy transport, and quick deliveries. Robot always motivates guests to return back for the excitement and innovation. In the age of social media, you look for improving competitive differentiation and Robots inspires guests to share positive posts and reviews which of course increases your ranks.

Hospitality Solutions


Mozo is your Contactless delivery Robot, which autonomously delivers meals from the kitchen to your guests and leaves them with an unforgettable happy memory. Now you can manage your restaurant with smooth operation by Mozo to serve your guests meals and beverages at once, as well as keeping your staff focusing on customer satisfaction.

Duet Robot


Enhance your guests visit with a never-forgetting experience. Duet is a friendly interactive mobile robot designed to Work as a Standalone receptionist; welcome and registration to customers, check in / out, guide and provide information in an attractive way.


MDR-C is an Autonomous Mobile Disinfection Robot that can efficiently and effectively disinfect facilities round-the-clock, eliminating 99% of bacteria, germs and viruses. robot is designed to self-navigate and maneuverer around tight places, avoiding obstacles and people, making it suitable for many indoor facilities. With MARSES user interface, operators can easily set up cleaning missions, schedules and deployment on a tablet or laptop.

Rolly Robot


Rolly is an autonomous mobile robot, which provides safe non-human-to-human delivery, Rolly is a Multi-point secured delivery robot that delivers room service, personal items, packages, amenities, snacks, coffee, linens, towels and materials throughout the hotel and many other facilities.

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Guests love the robots Even if they don’t want anything they will be loyal to your entity and will come over and over again.


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Boosting Revenue

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