MARSES’ expert team work with you to improve your daily tasks. MARSES provides from small standard single task robotic cell, to a large integrated customized turn key solution, which improves your productivity, quality, flexibility and maximize your profitability.



Welding is a complex process; require intensive skilled labors ....


MARSES' Packaging solution can increase your production ....


MARSES provides Palletizing solutions to be your ideal choice ....


MARSES understands the importance of your production ....

Other Applications

MARSES' customs solutions to fit fulfill your requirements ....

What MARSES Offers

On shelf Solutions

Standard and proven solutions with minimum delivery time are available.

Conceptualize & Customize

Customer knows his targets and our mission is to turn the target into clear applicable concept tailored for only you.


Turning concept into detailed design taking care for every small details.

turn key solution

MARSES engineers have the capability and experience to turn your visions into facts.

Project management

MARSES offers PM services and added value to our customers during all project life cycle.

Technical support & After Sales

Customer satisfaction must be achieved.