Palletizing Solution

MARSES’ Robotic Palletizing solution is the ideal choice if you are looking for increase your throughput, MARSES solutions are reliable, flexible, best utilization of available space, handle different SKU’s, reduce your costs.

Whether you need to palletize or depalletize easy maintenance your products, MARSES helps in selecting the right solution taking in consideration payload, speeds for cycle time, precision, operators safety & concern of your product safety.

MARSES’ solutions can handle up to 4 infeed/4 outfeed with capacity up to 30 carton/min depending on palletizing pattern.

Standard Features

Up to 30 product/min

stretch wrapping

Up to 4 (in / out) - feed

Pallet dispenser

Automatic or manual out-feed system



Designed for 24/7 production

Standardized and configurable modules

Ease of changeover


Easy maintenance